I mentioned before that I was working on curriculum on CurrClick. I have just put my third module up there. This time I’ve written on Perfect Squares. My modules are meant to be short lessons, maybe a day for some students, or a week for others. They include a lesson, a few exercises, and the answer key. I have written the lessons with the intent to be much more interesting than your standard math lessons. I have noticed that a lot of worksheets tend to be dull and black and white. With little to no pictures and mostly just rote facts. Lilly finds this boring a lot of times and I can understand why. So I have created these lessons to try and correct the fallacy in thinking that only kindergarteners appreciate a thoroughly visual mathematics approach. Yes it can be challenging to represent some of these concepts visually, but it’s my goal to continue to do so. Lilly is ADHD and I’m running the modules by her to get her “thumbs up of approval” before I send it to currclick. So far she really enjoys the mathemetical color by number I put in each lesson. It’s kind of a fun end of the lesson activity where the student can utilize the concepts taught, and color too. Heck I still like coloring today I just don’t find much time to do so. I see no reason why even high school students wouldn’t enjoy coloring, particularly if it was their school work. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now I am just on third grade math! If any of this sounds interesting, pop over to currclick and check out my work. Your contributions would be encouraging for me to continue writing these, and maybe move into other subjects, which is something I’ve considered. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the lessons.

Sample Lesson of Third Grade Perfect Squares

If you want to check out this or my other modules, visit my CurrClick publish’s shop!

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