People matter more than money

That shouldn’t be something that needs to be said.  It should just be automatically assumed that people matter more than money.  However, events this weekend have shown me that at least with some people, the opposite is true.

We were supposed to watch my sister’s dogs this weekend while she went on her anniversary trip.  I didn’t see any problems with this arrangement because we’d been around their dogs before, pet them, etc.  They’d run around my children, no worries.  She has two huskies it just didn’t seem like a big deal.  It was payment enough for her letting us stay with her until our house closed.

At least that was my thinking.

When she got here Friday, she only had one kennel.  With both dogs.  They did both fit in the kennel but they were NOT happy about it.  Bruce, the big one, was fighting with Harley, the little one, before my sister even left.  But there was no offer of fetching the second kennel.  In fact, it was suggested that if they go too crazy, that I should put the big one in my laundry room, where the only damage he could do was scratch the paint off my door…  as if that were ok with me.

Shortly after she left, I was in my room, chilling a little bit, when Shane tells me that I needed to call my sister now and have her pick up the dogs.  I thought perhaps he was exaggerating because he was not eager to look after the dogs.  He’d already made a few comments that made me think this previously, and though he didn’t come out and say this, I thought perhaps that was the motivation of his statement.  I went to go see what was going on.

He said that the two dogs had been fighting really bad and he let Harley out and they put him in the bathroom.  However, every time he tried to get Bruce, the dog tried to attack Shane.  When we stayed with my sister, she had said that he responded better to a female since he had a female alpha (referring to herself).  So I thought I would try and pet him, to try and calm him down.

In hind sight this was stupid, but I really wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.

When I reached my hand into the cage, he growled at me, but it wasn’t until he snapped that I panicked.  He nipped me a bit and I went for the only area I could where there was no teeth – right up under his neck.  It was good that he couldn’t bit me – I had him pinned against his cage, but it was bad because now I couldn’t get my hand out without being bit.

Time seemed to stop here.  We stared at each other for a few minutes.  I’m honestly not sure how much time elapsed.  I sort of lost touch with reality.  After that unknown amount of time, he scratched my arm, twisted his head, and basically mauled my hand as I tried to quickly get it out of the cage.  I don’t even think it hurt.  I went to my room, sat on the edge of my bed and tried to unlock my phone.  I was dimly aware that I was bleeding on the carpet so I went to the bathroom sink to wash my hand off.  Suddenly I felt very nauseous, and I couldn’t stop shaking.  I started to ask my sister to bring the other kennel but Shane took the phone from me and I could hear him demanding she take the dogs immediately.  I then kind of dropped into a stupor where I was only aware of the water running over my hand.

Shane and Emily poured hydrogen peroxide on my hand and got me to my chair where they did some impromptu first aid on it.  It was determined I needed to go to the hospital and I felt incredibly peculiar.  Reading about the potential after effects of a dog fight was too much.  Finally Shane took me to the hospital, after we determined it was taking too long for my sister to get there. 

Once we got there, the hospital reacted pretty quickly initially, getting my hand with some antibiotic bandages, getting an x-ray on it, etc.  Then we had a long wait before they had a room ready for us.

During this time I finally started to feel ok enough to chat on my phone.  My mom was asking how I was.  I told her what all had happened thus far and we got into a discussion about what all had gone on with my sister.  Apparently she had griped on Facebook about how she was out $600 for her anniversary trip, and then went on a rant which included multiple cases of profanity about me and my family, and her ill-opinion of us now.  She went on to illustrate herself as blameless, and the victim, pointing out how “even after” allowing us to stay with her for 5 weeks and after my children broke a laundry list of item, I did something to get bit and now we wouldn’t watch them, so she was out all this money.  She never mentioned that I paid for the things that were broken, or that we cleaned up behind ourselves well enough that it was cleaner than when we got there.  She didn’t mention how she frequently screamed profanities at my children, forbade them from playing with the baby toys because apparently they weren’t playing with them correctly (Mark would put the big toddler Legos in his mouth for example).  She didn’t mention how we were forbidden from using her dishes and spent that 5 weeks eating off of paper plates and Styrofoam bowls even though we washed not only our dishes, but their dishes, and how we tried to be considerate to their budget by handwashing the dishes instead of using the dishwasher since dish soap is cheaper than dishwasher tabs.  She failed to mention how she would scream at my young children and banish them to outside in hundred degree weather because they were talking during her tv show.  She also failed to mention on her rant how she would then act baffled as to why the teens wanted to stay in the room we were sleeping in and how everyone was being “antisocial” by “hiding out” in that room. 

It’s a mystery to be sure.

Fact is… I was willing to reimburse them the money for their trip.  It turns out they went anyways after all was said and done, but not before they publically chewed out my family, blocked every one of us, and had her entire family block us.  While all this was happening I was trying to recover in the hospital, hoping my hand would stop hurting soon. 

She never once asked how I was.

She never once asked anyone else how I was.

In her words, I just “needed a little Neosporin”.  I kid you not.  I had muscle tissue poking out of my skin from one of the wounds.  I had fifteen puncture wounds on my hand.  I required a ten day run of antibiotics.  A week later, all of the wounds are still there, my hand is still bruised and a little sore.  Just a little Neosporin though.

People astound me.

I will say this… people matter more than money.  Money is just a tool.  It is a useful tool, but it is not worth cutting off your family because of it.  It’s also unwise to make assumptions about things.

For example, my sister assumed I was “messing with” the dog.  In fact, Shane was already telling me to call her and have her pick him up because he was literally about to get his aluminum baseball bat and kill the dog due to the fact that every time Shane got close, the dog tried to attack him.  My sister made mention that only Shane and Matthew were supposed to “handle” the dog.  But the conversation where that took place involved taking them out to do their business since we hadn’t finished our fence yet at our house.  I was trying to pet the dog, to calm him down.  If petting the dog resulted in a vicious hand wound, and that was expected behavior, there is no way on God’s green earth I would have allowed that dog in my house with my small children.  However being as we’d all petted the dog many times before and never had an issue, how was I to know?

But assumptions.  There’s a saying about assumptions.  And it seems to apply here.

I know the spirit of Christianity is forgiveness.  I heard a sermon once that said you couldn’t forgive someone who didn’t think they’d done any wrong.  You could only have a willingness to forgive – whenever they asked for it.  So I’m willing to forgive my sister.  But she has to ask for it.  And since I have never known her in her entire life to admit she was wrong about anything, I don’t expect she’ll ever ask for forgiveness.  Until she does, though, I think I’ll just live my life happily drama-free without her in it.  It’s not worth it. 

People are worth more than money, though, and should she ever try to make amends, I will forgive her.  But one thing I can and will do is despite all this, I will pray for her time to time.  Perhaps one day she will come to know God.  I really really hope she does.  Not just because of being saved but because I think she would then change and actually be a likable person then.

Time will tell.


We’ve recently had some drama here lately. My eldest step-daughter, now nineteen and married, has started smoking.  While the decision is, in my opinion, unfortunate, that wouldn’t have really been drama-inducing in and of itself.  After all, she is an adult now and can make her own decisions, even if I disagree with them.

The drama came from her calling up EVERYONE in the family and essentially bragging that she’d started smoking… as though it were an amazing thing that she could do.  And then, when they expressed their disapproval of her decision, she adopted a martyr viewpoint.  Posting on social media about how it wasn’t right for her family not to support her decision, that it was her life and her choice.  And while technically correct – it is her life and her choice, it is misleading.  She has made it sound as though the family, of their own accord, all decided to belittle her for this choice, when in fact she goaded everyone into a response.

I, myself, have remained fairly detached, until I saw that message.  The message insinuating that the family was attacking her.  It upset me because actually the my family was withdrawing from her.  This little thing called drama is just not something we enjoy dealing with on a regular basis.  And the drama llamas who create it… well we tend to avoid them as much as possible.  In FACT, Shane and I actually told Emily it wasn’t worth starting a fight with her sister over this.  That she was free to make a stupid decision and to just let it go. 

Apparently if you can’t support every stupid decision, you’re attacking the person.  Given the political economy of today’s society… yeah that sounds about right.  Inaccurate in actuality, but it is the way the butt-hurt of this generation tend to react.  I will never understand.

We all have choices we must make.  I’ve made many.  I chose not to use birth control and now I have six children.  My family disagreed with my decision but I didn’t feel it was right to force them into being ok with my decision.  As they’ve come to love my children they are now okay with it, but if I had tried to force them into accepting it, they probably wouldn’t be speaking to me right now.

I tend to err on the side of non-confrontational.  I don’t like fighting.  I don’t like conflict.  It’s one of my biggest struggles.  That and I’m too mean sometimes.  But God helps me grow and improve regularly, a fact for which I’m very grateful.

I responded to Dixie on social media with the following response:

You are free to make the choices in your life as you see fit.  And your family is free to make the choice to have nothing to do with you if they think that choice is stupid.  It’s called consequences.  You can’t force people to approve of your choices.

I have nothing against her.  Truth be told I didn’t even know she was “gloating” about having started smoking until today when I was told that’s what she was doing.  I don’t tend to pick up on these things.  I hope everyone can eventually get over whatever it is that is causing all this strife right now.  I think she should realize she can’t force people to accept her choices, and I think the people in the family who are extremely upset at her should rise above it for the sake of peace.  Compromises can be made (i.e. no smoking at my house).  It’s not worth losing family over.  More people in our work should realize this.

Technology and the Modern Family

Being a working mom is not easy.  I stay busy all the time.  Admittedly a lot of it is by choice but nevertheless it’s exhausting.  Between work, kids, husband, and personal projects, I stay super busy.  Multitasking is pretty much a requirement to get things done.  Like blogging while hanging out in the jacuzzi tub.  Sacrifices lol.

Technology helps make things easier though.  I can guarantee I would not be half as productive as I am without it.  I curently have an android phone, an android tablet, and a windows tablet.  The last one there was originally gotten so that I could freelance from home but then I got a job finally so that function at least is not the most important.

The thing is thouh, I like for my devices to all sync.  I want to be able to pick up any device and use it for whatever I was needing to do.  So I had to change my app colection up a bit.

The best swap I did was getting Wunderlist.  That app is awesome!!  Besides being an awesome app in and of itself, it’s great for how it helps me as a busy mom with technology all around me.  My husband and three oldest all have android devices.  And Wunderlist lets me share lists with other people.  So I have all of them on Wunderlist and I have specific lists shared with them.

For example – I have a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly routine list both for myself and for the family.  Also a To-Do list to serve both purposes.  So let’s say I’m at work and I realize the floor needs mopping.  I can assign that to Shane and he’ll see it on his list of tasks to do today.  Similarly I can organize all my chores and projects so I can see what I need to get done.  Each week I have a recurring task for the kids to clean their rooms and bathrooms, and then on my personal list I have tasks to make sure they did it!

I even use Wunderlist for my shopping list now because it’s shared, and it’s simple to jot things down as we think of them.  Then when it’s time to go shopping, we can star the items we’re going shopping for easily.


My Wunderlist Shopping List

Technology really helps out my day.  I have all the kids’ lessons for school in OneNote.  Throuhout the day while I’m at work I can check on the status of their day and see what I can expect to do with them when I get home.  I’ve called them in the car on Facebook messenger to get updates too.  Throughout the day we keep in contact with various issues through messenger as well.

The best part about all the technology is it syncs across all my devices.  I can go throuh my week, accomplish all my goals, and still feel like I’m very involved with my family (because I am!) even though I’m at work.  Shane sends me pictures and videos periodically at work so I still feel like I’m around, and I send the occasional picture back.  Of course as soon as I get home I try to spend as much time with my kids as I can before I start making dinner, and we have dinner as a family so that’s a good time for family togetherness.

Even though I’m working, thanks to planning, I’m even able to remain frugal and bake from scratch.  Yesterday I made Mark’s birthday cake and today I decorated it even though I realized too late I had no food coloring.  So I compromised and made a chocolate fudge cake!


Whether or not it was pretty, it was still tasty, with homemade cake and icing using homemade powdered sugar, as usual.

Without the assistance of technology I’m pretty sure the house would be a LOT more chaotic and disorganized but thankfully it’s fairly well kept together currently, even if I do have to put “Take out the trash” on the list a few times!!

All Settled in and Ready For School!

We got all moved into our new house over the weekend.  We’ve been acclimating to the new routine, adjusting sleep schedules etc.  Over the past five weeks we’ve gone from kids going to sleep at ten and us staying up till midnight or later, waking up at 10 or so, to kids in bed by 8, me in bed by 9-10, and up by 6!  It’s been a crazy adjustment.  And school starts on Tuesday!

On that note, I think I’m FINALLY all prepared and organized.  This weekend is the tax-free weekend so I’m going to load up on school supplies.  I’m going to color code everything I can.  I think that will make things much easier for the kids.  This year I’m going to be teaching SEVEN kids!  Granted the littlest two are still kind of doing “pretend” school, but still.  Learning is learning! 

I’ll be doing Bible with the kids in the morning.  I have enough time to read the passage over breakfast before I have to go to work.  Throughout the day I’ll be keeping tabs on the kids’ progress with OneNote.  That’s where I’m recording all of their assignments.  The little guys will need some help with checking off their items, of course, but the older kids will be able to work at their own pace, which will ease up things on my side.  All I’ll need is for Shane to make sure they stay on top of their work!

I can’t wait to take pictures.  I have our “school room” all set up.  It’s just the dining room, but so far I have a book shelf with their notebooks and school supplies on it.  As we get more money I want to get a cabinet, kind of like they have in art rooms, so that I can lock up some supplies to keep kids out of them.  I tell you, I am tired of losing crayons, pencils, and pens, because kids run off with all the supplies I buy.  Of course, if they use up all the the supplies this year I’ll be surprised! I plan to buy a lot just to bulk up the supplies.

I’m going to get a bluetooth headset so I can call the kids as need be throughout the day and on my commute to go over various work.  It will be convenient having that time to go over various work they’ve done, hear their answers to questions, etc.

In addition to preparing for school we’ve been organizing the chores.  Believe it or not we’ve actually gotten a system going that seems to have little to no fighting.  Here’s our meal time clean up schedule:

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Kitchen Emily Lilly Matthew
Dining Room Lilly Matthew Emily

This way, everyone gets a chance to do each room and everyone gets an entire meal off.  In addition to this, we have a daily dishwasher person.  We wash dishes twice a day – after lunch and after night.  So each day one person is responsible for unloading the dishwasher both times, and should they delay in their task, they also are responsible for loading up dishes put into the dishwasher.  This resolves that mysterious “between meals” fights that we had at the trailer.  If the dishwasher is empty then between meal dishes go into the dishwasher.  If it’s not, well then there is a person at whom the finger of blame can be pointed and a fair resolution is in place.

We also have gender specific bathrooms.  Not REALLY but we have the “boys bathroom” downstairs with Matthew’s and Jordan’s and David’s rooms.  They share that bathroom, and Matthew is responsible for cleaning it.  The girls’ bathroom is upstairs and Emily, Lilly, and Sierra share that.  Lilly and Emily will share responsibility for cleaning that bathroom, with the bulk of the responsibility falling on Emily.  Then of course there is the master bathroom, for which I will be responsible.

We also have a lot of things planned.  After I get paid Monday, we’re going to buy materials for a chain-link fence.  That will make things easier as we’ll be able to let our puppy, Bruce Banner, go outside.  Oh that’s one thing I haven’t mentioned, silly me!  A couple of weeks before we moved we got a new Labrador Retriever.  He’s getting big!  And having a fence up will make things much easier, plus the kids can have fun running around the backyard. 


Bruce when we first got him


Bruce today!

All in all we’re really happy being here.  It’s really nice to have our own space again.  And air conditioning.  Air conditioning is really nice!

Moving Day Approacheth

Moving Day is Friday. It feels like it’s been forever but really it’s only been weeks. That is one annoying thing about life – when really want something it seems forever before you get it!

So I’m trying to get all our ducks in a row. There is lots to do. Thankfully no packing this time!  However I do still have change of address cards to do and update all my billers. We have internet and utilities set up so that’s one less worry. And I have school planned out. We’re going to use the Easy Peasy all in one homeschool again this year because really I think trying to make up curriculum for 7 kids while moving into a new house and working a new job and taking care of a new baby and having to set up all new doctors and churches and playgroup and such is just too much. So I’m going simple.

I’m going to wait until August 11 to start school. Public school starts the week before but the tax free weekend isn’t until that weekend and I intend to stock up on school supplies!  Plus pay day is the 10 as is Mark’s birthday. So the 11th it is.

What I want to do is get everyone supplies of course, but for my area I want a milk crate to store all my things in, with a binder with dividers to store work for portfolios. With seven kids I might need more than one!  I also want to get some letter sorter boxes and spray paint them according to the kids colors. They might not can all read but they know their colors. The more I can color code the better!

I also still need to go over the battle plan (lol) with Shane. I have some ideas, like doing bible with the kids over breakfast before I go work but that’s going to need to be fleshed out some I think.

It’s awesome how all these changes are coinciding at the same time, right?  Ah well such is life. I’ll post some pictures of my homeschool set up once I get it all done.

It’s now M-3 days. M for moving of course! :-)

Stress, stress, and more stress.

With a side order of stress.  Any takers?  We’re in the final week of staying with my sister.  We close on our house Friday and we’ve already reserved the U-Haul for Friday as well, so after tonight, there is four more nights here!  Everyone is excited to be in our own space and I’m sure my sister is sick of us by now.  It’s tough when you’re sharing spaces with another family.  Everyone has their own rules and it’s really hard to have to live by others rules when they feel extremely confining compared to your own.  For example – my children can’t be inside much because they’re loud.  But they can’t be outside in the backyard by themselves because my sister has things out there that she doesn’t want messed with and of course those are the first things they go for.  So there’s basically no place they can exist without causing some kind of issue.  That is extremely stressful.  We’ve been trying to make do by letting them watching Netflix on my tablet when things get crazy, but I mean that only works so long…

Then there is the kitchen cleanup.  We aren’t supposed to use any of her dishes because apparently 3 of her plates got broken in the put up process.  see we were trying to be helpful by cleaning up their dishes as well as our own, putting up dishes, etc.  Things I would normally have thought were being considerate guest things, but they backfired horribly.  So for the past couple of weeks we’ve been having to eat off Styrofoam plates, red Solo cups, Styrofoam bowls, and plasticware.  Matthew got a plate without thinking the other day and was gotten onto for it, and he was pretty upset about it.  But what could we do?  We have to bide our time until Friday.  That’s really our only choice.

As upsetting as these things are, it’s really petty compared to the events of last week.  David ended up in the hospital with viral encephalitis and meningitis.  He’d been not eating or drinking for four days.  Every time we tried to get him to eat or drink even just a little he’d throw it up again.  He was running a fever and he was becoming delirious.  He didn’t realize the toilet was located inside the bathroom, or that he was holding a yellow Popsicle when he asked for a yellow Popsicle.

David at the beginning of his illness.

David at the beginning of his illness.

We took him to the ER after day 2.  He’d been complaining of his head hurting and he had a fever.  Combined with the vomiting and the fact he kept covering his eyes and he slept all day, it really sounded like a migraine, but I couldn’t explain the fever.  No one else in the house was sick so it didn’t make sense that it’d be a cold or anything and I’d never seen a sinus infection have these kinds of symptoms, plus he had no cold type symptoms.  When I Googled “migraine with fever” the first dozen links or so were meningitis.  I’d never really been familiar with it before but basically it’s an inflammation of the meninges of the brain from an infection.  I was really worried about him.  They sent him home from the ER with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis which felt like complete crap to me but at least he ate a Popsicle at the ER, so I was hopeful that he’d be better.  It was the weekend so I spent the weekend taking care of him.  By Monday he was still no better, but I had to go to work.  When I got home that day, they said he’d been running into walls and doors and now my husband was worried because he still couldn’t keep down even water.  He and Emily took David to the ER.  He was checked into the PICU and they ran a bunch of tests on him.  Their initial assessment was viral encephalitis after ruling everything else out, over a process of hours during which I worried incessantly.

David in the PICU

David in the PICU

Luckily though,in the hospital, he was able to get the fluids we couldn’t get him to keep orally, in the form of an IV.  He stayed in the PICU overnight and the next day, he still felt bad but they moved him to a normal room.  Since we were told he’d be there a few days, I decided I couldn’t take off work, especially since the doctor said she really felt strongly that he was just going to have to sleep off his illness since she thought it was viral.  She said she didn’t feel he was in danger, and since he was just sleeping anyways, I figured it’d be ok.  Maybe I’m insensitive, I don’t know.  But sometimes you have to make the best of the cards you’re given, and my best was go to work, and spend the evening at the hospital.  Even when I was there he pretty much mostly slept, but I felt I was being there for him.  Plus Shane was with him the rest of the time so he was never alone.

I would say I worried a lot, but really I didn’t.  I had faith in God that things would work out how they were supposed to for good or for bad…  I just hoped it was for the better, but I did prepare myself for the worst.  Luckily though, the better happened.  It took a few days.  He was in the hospital four days but he finally felt well enough to go home.

David eating a banana after a couple of days of IV only.

David eating a banana after a couple of days of IV only.

David out of the hospital bed and excited to go home.

David out of the hospital bed and excited to go home.

David at home finally!

David at home finally!

So yeah things have been kind of crazy here lately.  But they’re slowly starting to go to the right place.  It’s taken time, but soon we’ll be in our own house, able to make as much noise as we need to lol.  I can unpack my kids’ toys finally and they can have their own rooms!  It’s been trying but they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I guess there’s gotta be some truth in that because I don’t feel broken.  I know God is with me every step of the way.  And I definitely can’t say life is boring… ever!

Life is no less busy

But it’s not necessarily busier, either.  The answer to being  a working mom is delegation.  Having a good support system is key.  I’ve been on both sides of that and it really is important to have the support.

My typical work day now looks like this:  I wake up about 5:30 to Luke wanting to nurse.  I fall back asleep till my alarm at 6.  Then I sigh and pull myself out of bed, as naps are a thing of the past now during the week, but that’s ok really.  At least I still have weekends!  Anyways, next I go get dressed, brush my hair, and all that fun jazz.  Since we’re temporarily staying with my sister, my schedule is kind of screwed up anyways.  So whereas normally next I’d have coffee ready to go, here I have to make it in the morning, or if Shane gets to it before me, he will make it.

By this time it’s no later than 6:15 and I don’t have to leave for work till 7 so I have a good 45 minutes to eat breakfast, hang with kids who have started waking up by this time, and check things on my computer.  When I start up school on Aug 3, I will also use this time to do some initial school work while I’m there.

At 7 it’s time for the commute to work.  It’s not a long commute and it will be shorter when we get into our house, but for now it’s about a 25 minute commute.  I have ideas that I could use this time to and from work to have a skype chat with the kids about school work still once I get a bluetooth headset and a phone holster.  I think that would be pretty cool.  It’s on my to-do list.

So work is a whirlwind of fun stuff.  There’s work, pumping, lunch eating, keeping up to date with the happenings of the household, and occasionally a phone call to a doctor or some such for appointment scheduling whilst I wait for something to install!  The joys of multitasking!  I think because of multitasking I’m able to keep even busier than I was as a stay at home mom.  As a SAHM I was very very busy, but it was interrupted with mental down periods where I had to tend to children, or cook, or clean – these activities, while time consuming, did not require my full attention and as such I was able to take minibreaks throughout the day.  Granted if I wanted to I could probably do a similar sort of thing while working – like just staring at the screen while waiting for my code to compile instead of reading a text message, but when I stay super busy the day passes much faster and I am much more productive than I might otherwise have been.

I’m lucky that my supervisor lets me work eight hours, working through lunch instead of taking a lunch.  That means my workday is concluded at 3:30 which is just amazing.  In the winter this means I’m home before dark, and it’s always depressing when I have to get to work when it’s dark and leave after it’s gotten dark again.  I much prefer some sunlight in my day.

After I get home at 4, I make my lunch the next day, put my milk in the deep freeze since Luke is apparently on a daytime milk strike.  I bring home like 15 oz and he drinks 2.  Go figure.  So deep freeze it is on the chance that he decides to actually drink milk when I’m not here.  Then, it’s unwind with the kids time until I need to make dinner.  After school starts I’d also use this time to work with little kids to finish up school before the evening routines, should they have anything left.  My goal is going to be to have the boys done during the day before I get home (do what they need done with me before I leave and then Shane can play the letter videos and such for them during the day).  That will give me time to work with Sierra when I get home since she’s still learning to read.  I figure I can work with the big guys during dinner and in the evening hours, plus during text message throughout the day as need be.

I start making dinner around 5.  Dinner should be on the table by 6 if I do it right.  At 7 is when I either kick the kids outside to run off some extra energy, or start baths, depending on weather.  Since we’re in a temporary situation, I haven’t been bathing the kids every day, but often enough anyways.  When we get to our own house they’ll be back on daily baths.

At 8 it’s time for kids to brush teeth and get ready for bed.  By the end of the week this is the time I’m also trying to have had my bath and teeth brushing done by because by Friday I was beat! Earlier on in the week it wasn’t too bad and I could stay up till 9 or 10, but the later in the week it was, the earlier I needed to get to bed.  It all balanced out though I think.  It’s Saturday now and I’m really not that tired.

So its a busy routine but I think it’s doable.  I plan to use Saturdays to finish up any homeschooling left from earlier in the week, and to finish up any other action items on my to-do lists, circumstances permitting (example: I was going to bake today a bunch of stuff from my baking list but as the heat index is 107 today, that’s not gonna happen!  Kitchen is already warm enough without me turning on an oven!)  The idea is that Sunday will be a day of doing nothing but hanging with kids, playing games with kids, etc.  Of course I fully intend to have mini bits of this during the week, as I think it’s not necessarily quality time so much as quantity time, but I want Sunday to be a special day I can spend at church and with my kids, with basically no other worries.  Church will have to wait a few months until we can afford a van, but it’s on the list too!

So there you have it – my busy busy working mom routine.  I’ll undoubtedly have to post a new one once we get settled in our new house (closing is on July 31st!) but until then this is my week. When we’re in our new home I’ll have to add in the things I’ve already planned for with regards to housecleaning and the like.  My routine has got some rough edges, mostly due to being a guest in someone else’s home but we’re working on it best as we can.  And soon we’ll be able to set things in stone.  That’s what I’m looking forward to.