It never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think things can’t get worse… They do. 

So not too long ago our oven malfunctioned.  It stopped measuring the temperature.  So basically when you turned it on, you had to keep manual tabs on the approximate temperature so you didn’t burn your food. Well a couple of days ago it stopped working altogether.  Now there is no heat at all.  So I’m down to the microwave and stove top for coming and God knows how long those will work.  The microwave was stuck in the on position for a few hours recently for reasons beyond my knowledge. 

The timing of all this is rather unfortunate because the 20th was David’s birthday but without an oven I can’t bake him a birthday cake.  I read about stove top owns and stove top baking but I don’t have anything that could appropriately function and right now we might as well have less than no money as far as what is extra in our budget.  I’m considering trying a no bake cheese cake with a Cracker crust. (because ya know I have no Graham crackers of course).

The big irony of all this is I’m trying to find a job.  I’ve been actively looking for work and it’s going on three with nothing.  Granted is been two years since I last worked but that didn’t stop me last time.  It’s extremely frustrating trying to improve our living situation and not only being able to do so but it gets worse. 

We have Cooks pest control coming out for the roaches and rats and this will be the third month whenever they come out this time but yet last night my step son Matthew told me how a couple of rats attacked him last night. I’ve seen more roaches than ever and I’m getting eaten alive by fleas.  I feel dirty, poor, and broken.  No matter how hard we try it seems there is further down we must go. 

Shane went to the doctor today for what he thought might be a fractured knuckle from a week or so ago and got chewed out by the doctor because apparently he has pneumonia but didn’t know it and thus didn’t reveal “all his symptoms”. He said since he lives in chronic pain he can’t tell the old pains from the new half the time and was pretty upset about being chewed out.  I mean seriously.  What is going on?

I know God has a plan and I know it will happen in his perfect timing.  Still knowing that doesn’t make the waiting any easier.  We’re trying to be patient and heat the word of the Lord but is not easy with so many deadlines looming on the horizon.  Bills that must be paid.  Loans taken out just to pay the bills since work hours have been cut back to less than 40 hours and me being unable to find work.  We even had to borrow money from my dad to pay our utility bills and thought we might have finally caught a break just to find out we owe 400 for electricity this month and 130 for water.  That’s almost twice the rent.  It feels like we’re being locked repeatedly while down but despite our best efforts is a giant downward spiral. 

Truth be told it’s hard to keep positive spirits right now.  I find myself too frequently throwing my hands up into the air and telling Shane “screw it we can’t pay the bills anyways,  might as well buy us a couple of cokes.” I realize that’s not the smartest logic out there but I’ve also realized when you’re down so low is hard to comprehend how much lower you could go and even a 99 cent pick me is am amazing temporary lift. 

I know God will deliver us.  I know my dad said he won’t allow us to live on the streets and if he has to he’ll buy us a house.  Still while that provides a little comfort it brings it’s own stresses because despite the fact that we have food stamps and Medicaid and such I hate having to rely on other people’s assistance to make it.  It’s why I’ve become so frugal over the years.  But no matter how frugal I become it seems it’s never enough.  The really chilling thought is I always thought I’d be able to easily get a job if push came to shove.  If I don’t hear something soon my time will run out.  The unknown future we face is pretty darn scary and is taking all my faith to trust God and I know I need more. 

Taking a deep breath now! Looking at my son Luke and I’m going to enjoy the small pleasures in life… A hot bath and a hot cup of coffee! God will deliver.  He is always good.  I will remain comforted by that thought!

Another Adventure

I’ve put off writing this week’s entry for no other reason than I’ve been braindead and super busy.  I’ve even been getting behind on my Bible reading.  I’m currently caught up but it requires some dedication on my part.  Even my baking list is behind though granted that was due in part to the fact that I didn’t have the stuff to bake with for two weeks. We just went shopping for half our groceries Friday and we’re finishing up in a few minutes.  You know you have a big family when it takes you two full buggies to get all your groceries for the month and you still have to supplement each week!

As I’ve been super busy looking for a job, a house, and my sanity and finding none, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to write about this week.  However as it is supposed to be about my journey, I may as well write about David. 

David is almost three. His birthday is Wednesday though we probably won’t have his party til next weekend.  David is special.  His temper is basically the equivalent of Wile E. Coyote using tnt.  Fairly instant explosion.  David can be the sweetest boy ever.  Then he can be the most hateful boy in the world.  Yesterday, for example… I made him sit on the couch to calm down because he was starting to reach meltdown level.  He did NOT like that at all.  He doesn’t the first twenty minutes not calming down at all.  I’d have let him down after a couple of minutes if he’d calmed down being as calming down was the whole point, but that wasn’t what happened.  Instead he screamed at the top of his lungs, told me I was stupid,  told me he hated me, etc.  After five dedicated minutes of this,  he did quiet down just a moment,  long enough to start finding ways to be disobedient to my command. 

First he thought sitting upside down on the couch and sliding off would work.  I told him to sit on his butt.  Then he sat in such a way that he was upright but his butt was not touching the fabric.  I nixed that too.  Then he saw some papers of Shane’s that I knew were no longer important but he didn’t know.  He called my attention tauntingly,  “Mooooommmmmmeeeeeeee…. Look at I do!” Then when I looked he crumpled the papers up and threw them on the ground.  I calmly told him to pick them up. 

Truth be told for some reason I found this really funny.  He was trying his darndest to get under my skin.  It just wasn’t working and I was completely calm through the entire tantrum.  I think that made him even angrier.  I did get stern with him a few times but I never felt angry.  However after being stern with him, then the anger would melt away and the tears would come.  This is a regular behavior patten with David.  I can’t help but wonder about him.  Is he trying to put on a bigger face than he feels and the sterness snaps him into reality? Is a direct opposition to his confrontation making him back down? It makes me wonder. 

He is the sweetest boy a lot of the time.  He randomly his me and gives me a goofy smile and says, “I lub you Mommy!” Then he’ll throw his arms around me in a big hug.  Then the next moment he could be screaming, throwing himself to the floor, slapping his head, and telling me I’m stupid.  He’s definitely a mystery to me but I love him.  Just another adventure in my journey through motherhood I suppose!

Kids and Technology

Some technology is good in my opinion.  I mean tablets are amazing for the ability to provide tons of ebooks from kindle, Google books, and others. There are wonderful educational apps that I love to use to help my kids learn their letters, math skills,  science facts, and other things.  It’s good for the ability to communicate with me when I’m putting boys down for a nap.  Lilly can just text me a question about her chores or school work. 

Technology is also good for entertainment.  Netflix is fun to watch time to time and then there are many games.  I love playing games on my tablet and the kids love their games. They’re a big fan of a game called Diversion. 

Technology is even good for productivity.  I have Google calendar with a master schedule calendar that I share with all of the kids.  It lists whose day it is to clean the bathroom, make tea, and any other chores they may forget and squabble over.  Lilly uses a game like To-Do app to help her remember various tasks.  She had a school assignment app for when I have to give her homework though we’re migrating to One Note.  I can even do my programming work on my tablet.  That’s pretty cool. 

However, technology can be very very bad when left unchecked.  Our teenagers, for example.  They are addicted to their phones.  I never see then without their phones in hand.  They are constantly texting their friends.  I mean, they can’t even spend fifteen minutes cleaning the kitchen without checking their devices every couple of seconds.  It’s insane.  They turn what should be a twenty minute job into an hour and a half or longer job.  Then they complain it takes too long to clean the kitchen after dinner. 

My stepdaughter Emily is 17. She has a boyfriend she is constantly texting.  She actually gets angry if he doesn’t text her back almost immediately.  She said she got really pissed at him one day because he was at a friend’s house and didn’t text her back for an hour.  An hour.  And it caused a fight between the two of them.  Really?? To me, that’s insane.  I text Shane at work often and he almost never responds right away.  Sometimes he can’t respond at all that night.  Other times he is constantly texting me and I’m the one who isn’t responding.  We both know that just because the other person doesn’t read or answer your message right away it doesn’t mean they’re ignoring you or that a fight needs to be started.  I’ve actually heard Emily tell me that if someone reads her message and doesn’t respond right away she gets pissed at them.  I just stared at her in disbelief.  Either I’m completely disconnected or these teens are insane.  I’m going to go with the latter. 

I don’t have much power over the teens. They’re in that awkward position where their parents basically hate each other so Shane doesn’t want to limit them so much that they want to run back to their mom.  It wouldn’t be in their best interest to do so but impassioned teens aren’t generally smart teens.  So I get to watch the insanity on a regular basis and shake my head at the nonsense.


The visual image in my head after texting discussions with the teens

How to keep busy as a stay at home mom

Ok now all those who actually are stay at home moms, have a good laugh right now, I’ll wait.

Truth be told, I’m busier now as a stay at home mom than I ever was as a working mom. Seems counter intuitive at first but I think a lot of it has to do with what I choose to do with my time.

For example, my mom was a stay at home mom but she had a good bit of free time to play video games. The house stayed really clean, and I can’t remember much from how we were as toddlers but I know in our school age days my mom had it pretty easy. We went to public school so really her day was getting us to and from school plus any doctor appointments we may have had, to and from lessons and sports practices, cooking dinner, tidying up the house, etc. Even though she had decent free time, it SOUNDS way busy.

And I do more.

Take today for example. I had my alarm set for 8, but Mark woke up at 7:30. I told him to lay down and managed to keep him in bed till 8:15. I was still exhausted but I dragged myself out of bed. This him to go wake Lilly up (basically a busy task to hopefully keep him out of trouble while I got ready).  Tossed on my clothes, brushed my hair, put on a bit of makeup and such, and washed the sink off. All in all less than ten minutes. Then out to face the troops, Luke in arms. 

First thing I see is Lilly standing at the kitchen counter on her tablet. Three feet beside her Mark is playing in the powdered sugar, a fact to which she is completely oblivious. I get onto her about being oblivious. She gets Mark down and cleans up the mess a bit. I started making coffee and tell Lilly to start making oatmeal for breakfast. I gripe about my coffee cup disappearing since yesterday… Like almost all my dishes have been lost or broken. I seriously need to get some more. I tell Jordan to go wake up Sierra. By this point all kids are up. I remind Lilly to start oatmeal since she’s still playing on her tablet.

I have Sierra fetch me a diaper for Luke and a clean outfit while I’m stripping him out of his wet stuff. I’m a bad mom. I don’t change him at night, only right before bed. Sleep is important. I justify pointing to myself that all my boys pee their diapers immediately after they’re changed. I ask Lilly to change Mark at the same time. We get the boys changed and I nurse Luke. I have Jordan fetch laundry and Lilly gets it started then serves up the oatmeal to the kids. I have a cup of coffee. No time for food. Too mainstream.

About this time (9:30) Shane gets up. Kids are done with oatmeal so I issue their kitchen clean up orders. During this time I’ve been checking email, checking appointments that may be upcoming, seeing if I need to make any phone calls, and sending a bit of time playing games on my tablet.

After Shane wakes up we address issues from the day before that require Daddy discipline. After issues are addressed, I’m still micromanaging kids cleaning the kitchen. Jordan finds my coffee cup!  It would probably be faster if I did it myself but first off I’m lazy lol (not really) and second off it’s good for kids to develop a sense of responsibility. I start prepping my tablet for school, opening up my lesson planner, kindle books, and Google books. I record attendance for the day. I start to gather kids for school after they finish their last few bits in the kitchen correctly when Shane calls me into the bedroom. He needs to talk about our house plans. I found a really cool one this morning that was within our means and was the right size, in a decent area, and looks decent in the pictures. So we spend some time in the room discussing the plan, making texts, calls etc. We call about the pre approval too since it’s been a couple of days since the application was submitted. We decide he’ll take the car to work today instead of carpooling so he can run some errands before work.   Finally our mini meeting breaks up. I refresh my coffee.

Kids are basically done. The floor needs a good mopping but the teens will do that tonight after dinner. I’m only like 45 minutes late starting school. Kind of a record for me. Lilly already did her bible (today was done copywork verses about the birth of Jesus) so I send her to her room for her music lesson – today it’s working on her singing by playing The Voice on her tablet. I read the little guys a snippet of their bible story. They have the attention span of a peanut so I read for less than five minutes. Today was the second part of a story about Jonah. Afterwards, Sierra gets her handwriting sheet and her math sheet ( and the boys watch the ABC song on YouTube by have fun teaching. They’re entranced, singing and dancing for all of the three minutes the song lasts. I give David his last assignment for the day – an alphabet coloring sheet, and give Jordan his worksheet, CIMT math first year. Then Luke gets fussy and won’t nurse so I knew it’s time to fart the baby. Before I go, I give Lilly her grammar sheet with brief instructions and tell her to read the next chapter of Little Women and the online chapter summary. I spend the next little while massaging Luke’s belly helping him fart. A few trumpets later and he’s falling asleep.

It’s around 11 now. I help Jordan with the rest of his math sheet and read him a story from a book he picked, Spooky Stories. After, he picks up quickly with a little bit of fuss but then goes outside with David. I have Lilly and Sierra cycle the laundry, tidy up anything else that got pulled out by the boys while I was doing house stuff, and then verify what they’ve finished for school. I have Lilly change Mark and put shoes on him and send them out with the boys while I read a chapter of Cuffy Bear and work on a lesson from the McGuffey Primer with Sierra. Then we read a page from the snake book we started yesterday and she does Xtra Math on the tablet. Then I send her outside.

Finally it’s quiet inside for all of half a second. Me and Shane hang out on the bed, playing with Luke who is awake now.  He heads out for work and errands. Around 12:30 or so the kids come in from pe. I show Lilly how to do her math work and give her her worksheet. Then I direct them towards leftovers for lunch. I get some leftover fries and chicken salad. I know I know.. Super healthy right? At least they’re homemade!  I promise kids some leftover coffee cake or apples if they finish their leftovers. They eat quickly and get both coffee cake and apples. Mark starts to pass out in his high chair. It’s almost 2. Luke is already asleep in bed, and I put Mark in bed after he’s changed. He passes out right away. Small favors…

I start directing kids to pick up. They are really bad mess makers and they’re old enough not to be so Shane and I are trying to be really consistent about then cleaning up the messes they make. This might make it seem like I’d have less to do but the micromanaging takes so much time it’s crazy.  But I’m looking to the future when they can clean up their own messes fairly easy with little input from me. There is some minor fussing and complaining but I keep them on task. Finally it’s more or less clean. I send Jordan, David, and Sierra to nap. We have started a new thing… I’d they act like little terrors the night before they have to take a nap the next day. They hate naps. David priests first and loudly so I send him to bed first with the intention he fall asleep before I send Jordan to nap so they don’t play. I have Sierra and Jordan tidy the den they messed up while I wait. Finally I send them to bed, leave Lilly with the remainder of her school with, just math and a history lapbook piece plus a game she can play on her tablet. It’s around 2:30. I thought I’d try to catch a nap while everyone was asleep.

No go. Five to ten minutes later I get a text from Lilly saying Jordan and Sierra were up and trying too wake up David. I go in there and threaten then with the wrath of doom if they don’t go take their naps. It gets quiet. I try and nap but it’s no use. The teens are due home from school in like five minutes and I knew they’ve got questions about the house. So I get up as they get home and we talk about the house we’re currently looking at. I follow up with Lilly about school and she finishes up.

I check my games again for about fifteen minutes. Jordan wakes up and he, Sierra, and Lilly play call of duty, Lilly makes everyone some popcorn, and I plan school lessons for next week.  Luckily my cleaning chores were done earlier in the week. I read my bible, trying my best to focus but not really succeeding. When Mark gets up I send them all outside to play. Then I start making dinner and funnel cake. It’s around 5 by now.

Dinner is chicken noodle soup and I cooked and deboned the chicken yesterday so prep is fairly simply – chop a few veggies, throw in pot of reserved chicken broth from yesterday, boil for a while. Meanwhile I finish up the funnel cakes but Luke is getting increasingly fussy. When I finish with the funnel cakes, I take him to the bed to nurse him. It takes a while, which I play on my phone a little, reading Facebook and such. He finally falls asleep. I check on dinner and ask Emily to keep an eye on Mark while I take a bath. I get the tub half filled when Luke wakes up. I try to text Lilly to pay his back in the hopes that I could get five minutes in the bath but alas it was not to be. As soon as I sent the text message, I heard three little munchkins giggling under the trailer and felt them banging on the tub from underneath. Apparently the water drain from the tub is extremely fascinating. I heard squeals of delight as I drained the water with a sigh, having gotten about a thirty second bath.

I get Luke, take him to the den, try and corral kids but they’re pretty wild by this time. The vegetables are done in the soup so I put Luke in his bouncer letting him fuss a bit and put the noodles and the baggie of chicken into the soup as I pass by. I season it up and try to nurse him again. It’s about 7:30 or so now.

I start this post. Luke is getting really fussy. Soup should be close to done so I grab Luke up and go check the soup. It’s done so I turn it off and take Luke to the room and text our group chat for Emily, Matthew, and Lilly to get dinner and drinks served up and kids corralled. There’s a bit of bickering about who is doing more but it gets done. Luke won’t go to sleep for some reason so I take him back into the den, grabbing myself a bowl of soup as I pass by.

I try to settle down and eat my soup, still working on this post, but little man is not happy and the soup is too hot right now anyways. I try nursing him again but he will have none of it. I take him back into the den and try bouncing him with my foot while I eat dinner as quickly as possible. He continues to whimper and fuss so I pass my empty bowl off to Sierra, vaguely aware of Emily giving them baths and the teens starting kitchen clean up.

I have one more idea for Luke. I take him back to the bedroom for a stomach massage. Sure enough, his stomach is super tight with gas. After about ten minutes, I think I’ve massaged it all out and I change his diaper while the kids brush their teeth. I brush Mark’s after he’s done make sure and put him in bed. It’s 9:30 by now. I totally forget about brushing the other kids’ teeth and am now hoping they did a sufficient job!  I’m such a bad mom lol…

Mark thankfully doesn’t give me many problems, other than slight resistance to bedtime. Luke is still a little fussy so I try patting his back while working on this post still. David comes to bed. I try nursing Luke again and finally he nurses and goes to sleep. Jordan, Sierra, and Lilly come in at various times asking questions like “do I have to go bed now” and such. I tell them yes, text the group chat begging someone to make me coffee and finally reach the present time.

It is 10:03. Luke is asleep but nursing, Mark is trying to sleep but occasionally rolls into my hair and tries talking to me. David is mighty quiet. He’s either asleep or staring into space. Teens are done cleaning up the kitchen. Everyone but me and Lilly are in bed trying to sleep. I let her stay up till 11 as a reward for watching her siblings when I need her during the day.

All in all I think I had..what… 45 minutes of free time distributed throughout the day and utilized for things like playing games, reading Facebook, eating, taking a bath…So yeah. I stay pretty busy. When I thought about writing this post I thought I might want to wait till a day when I had errands but then I realized practically every day is busy in its own way. You can imagine how crazy my days are when there are doctor’s appointments. My day will conclude in a couple of hours. In a few minutes I will go get myself a cup of coffee and try to fire up an episode of My Name is Earl, if the internet will cooperate. I will check games. I might even work on my book a bit. It is on my to-do list after all. I have been staying up till Shane gets home, around 11:45 and getting in bed by 1, just to repeat the whole cycle the next day at 8 am.

It’s crazy busy but I love it. I have always hated idle time. I can never day I’m bored anymore!

When They Refuse to Nap…

So Jordan and David are at an interesting phase their development. They’re too young to skip naps, but they’re too old to take them gracefully. I have been fighting with them almost every day. It’s been getting old for obvious reasons.

The main problem is that if they don’t take a nap they’re either insanely hyperactive or completely moody. I mean to the point of throwing themselves to the ground screeching at the top of their lungs because I tell them to go pee in the potty. I kid you not – this is a regular struggle with David. He often follows up his potty-request induced tantrums with “I hate you, Mommy. You’re not my buddy!” And an hour of scowling.

So obviously these boys need a nap. I already have Luke and Mark napping in the crib so I can’t really put David and Jordan in the room, too. I mean I can, but it makes “putting the boys to nap”take so much longer than it should.

Today I had an idea, though. It actually sprang from a threat I made Jordan yesterday. You see, the problem isn’t that they throw a tantrum at naptime. The problem is they won’t stop playing in the bed. I don’t think it’s fair to punish one of them when they’re both being bad, so I can’t really separate them. But they won’t nap in the room alone. So I told them that sleeping in a bed is a privilege, not a right.

Today, after getting on to them multiple times and them continuing to play, I took away that privilege. I made them come into the den and lay on the hard, uncomfortable floor. But you know what? They took their nap!




Gearing Up for the New School Year

We haven’t quite finished this school year yet, but I’ve been having fun finding some new tablet apps for the new school year. Considering I’m planning on putting Lilly into high school (or at least presenting the material and seeing how she does!) there are all kinds of options available to me.

I did a simple Google search for high school android science games and I came up with at least half a dozen new games so I’m pretty excited. There are some math type games that will still be good to use. Logic games plus a few new games I found for freshman year anyways with algebra.

I’ve got some books lined up with CK-12 plus a cool android app from CK-12 that is really similar to Khan academy from what I tell. I think it’s pretty cool anyways so I’ll be using that next year.

I think Sierra will be ready for first grade next year. She is on lesson 9 of the McGuffey primer and can read the first eight lessons with ease. Plus she’s been doing XtraMath every day and is getting pretty good with addition.

My goals for next year will be to monitor their progress more. I’ve kind of had things on auto pilot for a while using the trust system for some things and quizzing on others but I think it’s time I stepped up and really thoroughly monitored their activities. I want to make sure they’re really learning the material. I noticed when Lilly really understand the material she gets excited and really is happy to get that 100 but she for the longest tune wouldn’t ask me if she had questions… Even though I told her to. She has just recently started asking questions and little by little her scores are improving. Plus she’s taken the initiative to play android games that reinforce skills she’s unsure of. One interesting thing I learned the other day is she regularly plays Stack the States and knows where every state goes with perfect accuracy. That’s better than I did in school while that was being actively taught!  I’ve never taught her map stuff. Proof kids CAN teach themselves.

My boys still demand worksheets even though half the time they spend all of thirty seconds scribbling on them before saying they’re done. I really don’t understand why they’re so passionate about having the worksheets but if I ever try to pass a day without giving them one they throw a holy fit. Go figure. I told Jordan that if he wanted to move onto kindergarten he was going to have to start taking time on his lessons. I’m still undecided at present as to whether or not I want to move Jordan to kindergarten or leave him in preschool. I’m kind of leaning towards leaning him in preschool right now but if he makes remarkable improvement before the end if the year I might go ahead and mice him up. I’m really not sure. I also might move him up but try a different approach with him. Sierra responds well to some traditional techniques whereas my boys really like multimedia. I must try using more videos and stuff. Some things to experiment with anyways.

David is definitely staying in preschool but I might take a more structured approach next year instead of giving him stuff just because he asked for it. Mark is also vaguely becoming interested in participating even though he can barely talk!  He loves watching the letter videos and scribbling on paper. When I was handing out worksheets today he lined up to get his so I think I’ll have to do preschool with him next year even if it’s just to the same level I did with David this year – busy work so he felt involved. We’ll see!

On top of ask this Emily and Matthew keep going back and forth about homeschooling because they’re nervous about a new school. So I don’t knew if I’ll end up homeschooling them or if they’ll end up at public school but there is the possibility.

Basically it means I have a butt ton of research to do and a few shirt months to do it in!  I know my little guys will probably have like a two week break then we’ll start school again at their request. They get bored lol.

Hectic Routines

Well for the most part things are back to normal. As normal as they can be in a house of eight kids anyways…  Suffice to say it’s been hectic. I’ve spent a good part of my time baby bound, having to hold, nurse, burp, change, help fart, and otherwise comfort little Luke. A large chunk of the rest of my time has been used with our new project – trying to find a house to buy. Our landlords told us that at the end of this lease term they’re not renewing the lease because they have to fix it up. It’s pretty run down, and has been, since we moved in, but I guess it’s easier to fix when you don’t have tenants constantly calling with something else that’s falling apart. So come September right now, we have no place to live.

On that note, I started looking around town, curious if there was anything we cooks afford that had what we needed. Then something interesting happened. I found a listing for a five bedroom, 3 bathroom mobile home. At the same time I found this listing, Shane sent me a message from work that contained a link to the same house. He’d seen the same listing at the same time…to me that was one sign.

The house has carpet. Big plus for me because I’m so sick of hardwood and laminate floors it’s not even funny. They say it’s easier to clean but I’m my opinion it’s much easier to vacuum every day than sweep and mop and mop an entire house every day. Even with frequent mopping, everyone’s feet are black by the end of the day. I have had to wear shoes around the house constantly because I can’t stand the feeling of my feet being dirty. I’ve never had that issue in a carpeted house, but in the two rental houses I’ve lived in without carpet – black feet no matter how much I clean. I can’t explain it.

The house is on for acres of land!  I wanted land so we could start a homestead as finances permitted. This house has said land. And it’s filled with trees so that if we’re not ready to deal with it right away we don’t have for acres to mow!

It’s in the city limits but still is very secluded with a very rural feeling. Big plus there.

Did I mention the FIVE bedrooms and THREE bathrooms! Enough space for my large family. There’s a large kitchen with lots of counter space – good for my cook from scratch mentality. A working dishwasher, a flat top stove…

Best of all, it’s in our price range. A monthly mortgage won’t cost much more than what we pay for this place in rent now!

It has a nice, spacious covered porch. There are two dens. And since we don’t have two dens worth of furniture right now, that will give the kids a play room!    Something they haven’t had in a while but desperately needed. The teens won’t have to share a room with the little guys, the little guys will finally have a space to call their own….  It’s win win all around.

I still have a good bit of research to do and finances to arrange but things are looking promising. My dad said he’d help as needed since we have sub optimal credit. I am so thankful God has opened this door for us. We’re all very eager to succeed in getting this house. I can’t wait to own instead of rent… I feel like I’m getting back on track with my life plan. Originally I wanted to own a house by the time I was thirty and have kids. If we end up with a ten year mortgage then I’ll only be 14 years late in my plan by the time the house is paid for but that is ok with me. I’m just happy we have this opportunity available.

Everything is do perfect it’s surreal right now. I am praying that everything works out as we hope… This would be such an amazing thing for us!